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2013 Milestone 96" Dirt Eliminator/sizer/sorter

2013 Milestone 96" Dirt Eliminator/sizer/sorter

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2013 Milestone 96" eliminator/sizer/sorter, 230V 3ph power

72" wide belted chain elevator with dirt belt underneath & stinger mount

Hydraulic leveling jacks, Hyd. wheel drive/steering, Hyd. sizer spacing adjust

96" wide "working area" nine 12 point star rollers with 3 steel rollers for dirt (Ellis Table),Peg Belt & Blower, Fourteen 6 point star rollers for sizing,

Clodhopper drum for sized product, Two - 42" x 15' grading conveyors with middle throw & side chutes.

Good overall condition with lights, tarp, & extra conveyor to blend back sized product (Mayo conveyor)

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