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Grimme One Row Bunker Harvester

Grimme One Row Bunker Harvester

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Grimme Model SE 7530 Harvester one row Row

Belted Chain Primary and Vine Chain

Pintle belt cleaning tables

Bunker for in field harvester with bin filling option

Also truck bed unloading

  • Crop protection
  • Main webs with high-cam belt for optimum gentle crop handling
  • Reduced drop heights throughout the machine for a gentle crop transfer
  • Active running side bars at the second main web for crop transfer without friction at the side walls
  • Gentle handling into the bunker, resulting from low drop height
  • Soft bunker floor, pockets in the bunker cloth ensure a very good dragging effect
  • Gentle handling of the crop at bunker emptying, crop chute available as an option for direct box filling and addtional gentle crop handling
  • High acreage performance and separating effect
  • Short first main web for an effective sieving, simple to be changed
  • Haulm separation with wide deviner web, separation from the tubers over the whole length of the deviner web, minimum drop height
  • 1st separator: Hedgehog web with double roller scraper to separate soil and fine haulm
  • Infinitely adjustable finger web, for an optimum setting of the trash separation.
  • Chassis
  • Offset trailed machine: Tractors with wide wheels ensure an increased traction
  • Perfectly comfortable
  • Operator friendly analog operation
  • Easy to pull intake
  • Hydraulically driven picking web is mounted in a nearly horizontal position for ergonomical picking
  • Video system for improved monitoring of the main webs and separators, to enable an optimum machine operation
  • Versatility
  • Choice between bunker or platform for direct bagging at the machine

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