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Small Potato Washline

Small Potato Washline

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Complete potato Washline

2- Steel Flumes 30" wide by 50' Long

2- Tri Steel 6" Flume pumps 1000 Gallon per minute 10HP

1- Mayo 60"W x 8'L flat table washer, 18-6" spiral brushes with spray bars & belted chain elevator

1- Tri Steel 60"W x 18'6"L felt dryer, one transition roller, 4 brush rollers, 26 felt rollers, two 5hp motors with heavy Morse right angle gear boxes

1- Kerian 60"W sizer. Length is either 60" or 80"

2- Tri Steel 36"W x 10'L grading tables, white in color, several throw off chutes

1- 36" x5' screen sizer with 18" x 6' undersize cross conveyor

1- Shop built tote bag filler (Blue)

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