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New Tri Steel Receiving Destoning System build to order

New Tri Steel Receiving Destoning System build to order

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The Tristeel receiving and destoning tanks and flumes achieve multipurpose benefits including gentle product receiving direct from the field, destoning, soaking, dirt removal, and evenflow capability. Different footprint sizes allow for different throughput and evenflow volumes. Tank or flume capacities are designed up to 60 tons per hour. A closed loop water management system with auto valves, water float switches and possibly a hydrosieve provide a self cleaning system.

Capacities up to 70 tons per hour
Different models and styles including open flume style utilizing pit or enclosed tank
Heavy rugged design utilizing heavy sheet metal and thick wall tubing
8" Tristeel Flume Pump for water recirculation and rock trap water volume
Variable Frequency Drives for conveyor speed adjustment and energy efficiency
Self cleaning tank with redundant cleanout valves and water inlets
External grease zerks for lubricating bearings
All standard non-metric components

ModelsTD11830 8' x 25' Volume 30 TONS/HR
TD11840 8' x 40' Volume 70 TONS/HR
TD11340 3' x 40' Volume 30 TONS/HR
TD11440 4' x 40' Volume 70 TONS/HR

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  • Options: Custom sizes
    Tank Feeding Conveyors
    Stainless steel construction
    Collection settling pit design
    4" Tristeel Flume pump for pit sediment evacuation
    Water management system to include hydrosieve, water level system, auto valves, inlets, all plumbing
    Surface trash removal conveyor/skimmer conveyor
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